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Digz2go Modern Prefab Homes And Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).



Digz2go designs and builds modern modular factory built homes for use as primary residence, vacation home or as accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The firm was founded by Paul J. Nyulassie, an architect and construction industry veteran of more than 25 years. Paul is the founder and Principal of NYUDesigns, an architecture firm located in Alameda, California. Digz2Go offers four base prefab home/ADU models of 300, 350, 700 and 900 square feet. Larger units are available. Custom prefab home build projects are also available as DigzPrefab by NYUDesigns. Homes are designed, built and delivered by Digz2go and construction is completed at their owned factory in Newman, California. Home designs offer open, modern living spaces that are light-filled with clerestory windows large, multi-pane sliding glass doors throughout the homes. The larger models offer decking with indoor-outdoor spaces. All of the Digz2go and DigzPrefab by NYUDesigns homes modules are built in the Northern California factory, but are available to ship nationwide and Canada. In addition to the architectural design and build work, Digz2go is a licensed contractor and is able to provide site work, utility connection, button-up and finishing for the project. Digz2go is focused providing a cohesive home building process – from design to finished home.

Digz2GO Home Features / Design Focus

  • Turnkey modern, open, light-filled homes and ADUs
  • Modular construction at their factory in Northern California
  • Efficient 12 – 14 week build lead times
  • West Coast¬†Modern living spaces and styling
  • Wrap-around decking creating inside-outside living spaces
  • Light filled living spaces with over-sized windows, celestial windows
  • Steel beamed modules
  • ADUs are available on wheels
  • Comprehensive service as architectural and contractor
  • Expertise in Northern California construction costs
  • Experience with construction lending
  • Transparent, upfront pricing

Digz2GO Prefab Home Models

Digz2go Digz 700 prefab home ADU with view of deck and living room.
Digz 700 ADU with triple sliding glass door and Ipe decking.

Digz2go Digz 700 light-filled interior.
Digz 700 interior and living areas with floor to ceiling glass, awash with light.

Digz2go Digz 700 with sleek kitchen.
Digz 700 kitchen and hallway to bath and bedroom.

Digz2go Digz 700 open living space.
Digz2go Digz 700 open living space.

Digz2go Digz 700 kitchen and dining room area.
Digz2go Digz 700 kitchen and dining room.

Digz2go Digz 700 kitchen and hallway.
Digz 700 kitchen and hallway to bath and bedroom.

Digz2go Digz 275 ADU.
Digz275 ADU with large deck.

Digz2go Digz 275 ADU interior with Murphy bed and built-in storage.
Digz 275 ADU interior with Murphy bed and built-in closet and storage.

Digz2go Digz 300
Digz 300 exterior front.

DigzPrefab by NYUDesigns custom 2000 sq ft home.
DigzPrefab by NYUDesigns custom 2,000 sq. ft. prefab home build.

DigzPrefab by NYUDesigns custom prefab home build showing interior living room.
DigzPrefab by NYUDesigns custom home build with 21′ ceiling heights and floor to ceiling windows.

Digz2Go Home Price Includes

Home Structure / Finishes / Rough In / Appliances

Price Includes (Not Included)

Structural Shell
Exterior Finishes
Windows / Doors
Interior Finishes
Finish Flooring
Plumbing Rough In
Plumbing Fixtures
Electrical Rough In
Light Fixtures
Kitchen Appliances
Water Heater
Washer / Dryer
Heating System
Air Conditioning
Transport / Site / Permits

Price Includes (Not Included)

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