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Emerald Mini Home Prefab Home Or ADU By Dvele.

Dvele / Emerald Mini Home

Dvele Emerald Mini Home Prefab Home

The Emerald Mini Home by Dvele is a 419 square foot two-bedroom, single-bath home home designed for use as an accessory dwelling unit or small home.

The extra-high ceilings and lofted design give the smaller home an open, bright feel and provide a lofted larger master bedroom and lofted storage. A dedicated side entry with a built-in closet, provides room for mechanical or laundry placement or an entry coat closet. Large covered sliding glass doors provide natural light and easy access to a large rear deck.

Dvele Emerald Mini Home Features

  • Efficient, transparent, modern design process
  • Light-filled spaces with large windows and sliding glass doors
  • Precision factory construction in Dvele-owned factory
  • Super high efficiency build – up to Passive House certification
  • Non-toxic building materials with low off-gassing
  • High end finishes, fixtures and appliances available

Emerald Mini Home prefab home or ADU by Dvele.
Emerald Mini Home prefab home or ADU by Dvele.

Emerald Mini Home prefab small home or ADU by Dvele - rear and side exterior.
Emerald Mini Home side and rear exterior views.

Emerald Mini Home small prefab home interior with view of kitchen, kitchen island living area and loft.
Kitchen with island, living area and loft.

Emerald Mini Home prefab home by Dvele floorplan loft level.
Emerald Mini Home floorplan loft level

Emerald Mini Home prefab home or ADU floorplan main level.
Emerald Mini Home floorplan main level.

Build Details

Foundation:Foundation Wall & Footings
Framing:wood & Steel Chassis
Construction Notes:


Ceiling: (R | Type)R-28 Polyurethane Spray Foam
Wall: (R | Type)R-28 Polyurethane Spray Foam
Ceiling: (R | Type)R-44 Polyurethane Spray Foam


Siding:Multiple Options
Windows:Low-E dual pane R-20
Entry Doors:
Sliding / Terrace Doors:
Walls:Gypsum drywall
Interior Finish Notes:

Dvele Emerald Mini Home Package Includes


Kitchen Hood:
Washer / Dryer:


Kitchen Cabinets:
Kitchen Sink:
Kitchen Faucet:


Bath Sink:
Bath Faucet:
Bath Tub:


Water Heater:
HVAC Heating:
HVAC Cooling:
Ventilation System:
Solar Panels:
Alt Energy System:
Green Home Features:

Green Home Features

Green Home Features:
Alt Energy System:
Solar Panels:

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