Greedpod Langley
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  1. Rebecca Cuznar

    Where are you located?  I am in San Mateo, CA and am very interested in purchasing a prefab for some land I plan to puchase in the near future.  I love your design do you have a catolog you can send me including what is included in price, how long from order to delivery, cost of delivery,  do you do and installation or setup, is that included in price and if there is a no to any of these what is the additional charge for a YES?  Or would that be something I would have to attain permits for and handle on my own?  

    Also the most important question of all, what is the difference between prefab and manufactured homes and when speaking with my local building or would it be my zoning department?  what exactly do I ask?  What type of zoning do I need approval for to put a prefab on my property?  

    One more thing, if by chance you don’t assist after delivery, when looking for a building contractor would I look for, should I look for someone who specializes in prefab foundations, if there is such a thing, or what exactly should I look for?  As I am sure is plainly obvious I am a novice at this, but not for long with your help! I have so many ideas. Where I live the dream of owning a home is no longer a dream for many….so we shall see if some of my ideas work out!  

    Thanks so much for all of your time, sharing of your knowledge and your affordable beautiful designs.

    Take Care…Rebecca 

  2. gzupfer

    Hi Rebecca –

    Sorry I took so long to reply.  We moved our site to a new server and some of the comments were lost in the shuffle.  

    First off, is a directory of different prefab designers.  Our goal is to give you an overview of whats available in the domestic prefab home market. Many of the homes featured on our site do have many details regarding inclusions, cost and more, but unfortunately for Greenpod we don’t yet have much of information you are looking for.

    The Langley model is designed and sold by Greenpod Development. You can contact Greenpod Development directly, here is their contact info:

    Greenpod Development
    Port Townsend WA 98368
    phone: 800-569-2536

    I will forward your inquiry to them directly by email.  Hopefully you already have spoken to them.

    Best of luck with you home project.  Let me know if I can help in any other way.



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