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Proto Homes Modern Prefab Homes.

Proto Homes

Proto Homes

Proto Homes Home Features / Design Focus

  • Centralized Mechanicals / Controls (Proto Core) – centralizes mechanical and controls
  • Open and Flexable space (Hyperspace+Core) – open, airy, high ceilings
  • Smart Networked home controls – lighting, controls, security
  • Up-gradable home core – add bedrooms, storage, move walls
  • Efficient Construction – prefabricated structural panels
  • Thoughful Design – “zero-jam” doors, easy entry showers, switchable HVAC flow
  • Owner’s Manual – manual for the homes features,  functions, controls and systems
  • Low-Maintenance / Repair Accessible – Proto Core, wall mounted fixtures, accessible systems
  • Innovative and Modern Design – open, clean, light
  •  Efficiency and Green

Proto Homes Prefab Home Models

Proto Homes prefab home model 4.1 with view of exterior front of home.
Proto Homes Model 4.1 front view

Proto Homes prefab home exterior yard view.
Exterior side view, yard

Proto Homes front exterior view.
Front exterior

Proto Homes model view of outside tuck under living space.
Proto Homes designs outside living space.

Proto Homes interior showing master bedroom.
Master bedroom

Proto Homes Home Price Includes

Home Structure / Finishes / Rough In / Appliances

Price Includes (Not Included)

Structural Shell
Exterior Finishes
Windows / Doors
Interior Finishes
Finish Flooring
Plumbing Rough In
Plumbing Fixtures
Electrical Rough In
Light Fixtures
Kitchen Appliances
Water Heater
Washer / Dryer
Heating System
Air Conditioning
Transport / Site / Permits

Price Includes (Not Included)

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