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IT House Prefab Home - Desert, Front View.

IT House

  • Prefab Type: Prefab and Modular Parts
  • Delivered As: Kit of Parts
  • Homes Built: 2 - 4
  • Availability: Nationwide (U.S.)
  • Base Price ($/sf):
  • Total Time: 3 - 4 mos

IT House

IT House is a home building system of prefabricated modular components.  Home designs begin with a standard 1,200 sq ft plan to which layers of walls, windows, cabinets and finishes is applied.  Once designed, home packages are assembled as a kit of parts and shipped flat-pak to the building site.

IT House Home Features / Design Focus

  • Precision building system
  • Fresh ideas for sustainable homes
  • “Light touch” on landscape
  • Inspirational, close to nature

IT House Prefab Home Models

IT House prefab home - desert.
IT House in desert

IT House prefab home - close up of exterior.
IT House close up of exterior

IT House prefab home - desert, front view.
IT House in desert, front view

IT House prefab home - desert, distant view.
IT House in desert, distant view

IT House prefab home - framing.
IT House framing

IT House prefab home - exterior rear.
IT House rear exterior

IT House prefab home - exterior glass.
IT House exterior glass

IT House prefab home - kitchen island.
IT House kitchen island

IT House prefab home - bathroom.
IT House bathroom

IT House prefab home - living room.
IT House living room area

IT House prefab home - living space from outside.
IT House living space from outside

IT House prefab home - in the woods.
IT House in the woods

IT House prefab home - exterior, walkway.
IT House exterior, walkway

IT House prefab home - decking.
IT House decking

IT House prefab home - breezeway.
IT House breeezeway

IT House prefab home - interior and fireplace.
IT House interior, fireplace

IT House Home Price Includes

Home Structure / Finishes / Rough In / Appliances

Price Includes (Not Included)

Structural Shell
Exterior Finishes
Windows / Doors
Interior Finishes
Finish Flooring
Plumbing Rough In
Plumbing Fixtures
Electrical Rough In
Light Fixtures
Kitchen Appliances
Water Heater
Washer / Dryer
Heating System
Air Conditioning
Transport / Site / Permits

Price Includes (Not Included)

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