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Jet Prefab The Hideout Prefab Home Model - Rendering Of Exterior And Deck.

Jet PreFab

Jet PreFab Jet Prefab

***Jet Prefab no longer seems to be in business. These pages remain published for historical/reference purposes. ***

Jet PreFab desgins, fabricates and builds modern prefab homes.  Jet Prefab offers a line of  home designs with focus on affordability, efficiency, eco-friendly fabrication and function.   Jet Prefab homes that are factory fabricated by Jet Prefab and finished on site by local contractors.  Jet emphasizes customer service and cost transparency with dedicated “Jet Rep” project supervison and “All-in” up front budget cost calculations.

Jet PreFab Home Features / Design Focus

  • Affordable, Eco-Friendly
  • Up front pricing
  • High performance design, low cost to operate
  • Environmentally responsible
  • “Over-the-Top” customer service with dedicated “Jet Rep”
  • Efficient “Panel Assembly System”

Jet PreFab Prefab Home Models

Prefab home Bdarin by Jet Prefab.
B Darin
Prefab homeWhistler by Jet Prefab.
Prefab home 07 by Jet Prefab.
Prefab home The Love Shack by Jet Prefab.
The Love Shack
Prefab home ME2 by Jet Prefab.
Prefab home ModBarn by Jet Prefab.


Jet Prefab The Hideout prefab home model - rendering of exterior and deck.
Jet Prefab The Hideout prefab home model

Jet PreFab Jet Prefab Home Price Includes

Home Structure / Finishes / Rough In / Appliances

Price Includes (Not Included)

Structural Shell
Exterior Finishes
Windows / Doors
Interior Finishes
Finish Flooring
Plumbing Rough In
Plumbing Fixtures
Electrical Rough In
Light Fixtures
Kitchen Appliances
Water Heater
Washer / Dryer
Heating System
Air Conditioning
Transport / Site / Permits

Price Includes (Not Included)

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