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Hive Hodular BM003 Prefab Home - Front.

Hive Modular

Hive Modular Hive Modular

***Hive Prefab no longer seems to be in business. These pages remain published for historical/reference purposes. ***

Hive Modular designs high-end modern modular homes.  Hive’s architects have created a number of prefab home designs that can be used as a “starting point” for individual customization or Hive can work with the client to create a fully custom design. Homes are factory built using high-quality modular fabrication technology or other prefab methods including panelization, SIPs, shipping containers and precast concrete.

Hive Modular Home Features / Design Focus

  • Experienced residential architects
  • Available in US and Canada
  • Premium Finishes and open, light-filled spaces
  • Customization to provide the best design solution for the client’s site, needs, and personality
  • Volumetric Modular and other forms of prefab construction
  • Efficient designs with a tight building envelope
  • High-quality windows and insulation, and low-maintenance finishes

Hive Modular Prefab Home Models

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Hive Hodular BM002 pefab home model.
BM002 prefab home

Hive Hodular BM003 prefab home - front.
BM003 prefab home model

Hive Modular X001 prefab home - exterior, garage, entry.
X001 prefab home model

Hive Modular X012 prefab home - view of exterior from side.
X012 prefab home model

Hive Modular X002 prefab home - exterior side.
X002 prefab home model

Hive Modular X003 prefab home model - exterior front.
X003 prefab home model

Hive Modular CM002 prefab home - front yard and front exterior of home.
CM002 prefab home model

Hive Modular A002 prefab home.

Hive Modular A003 prefab home.

Hive Modular A005 prefab home.

Hive Modular A-Line prefab homes.

Hive Modular CL001 prefab home.

Hive Modular CM005 prefab home.

Hive Modular CM006 prefab home.

Hive Modular M001 prefab home.

Hive Modular M002 prefab home.

Hive Modular M-Line prefab homes.

Hive Modular S-Line prefab homes.

Hive Modular S003 prefab home.
S003 prefab home model

Hive Modular S005 prefab home.
S005 prefab home model

Hive Modular S006 prefab home.

Hive Modular Hive Modular Home Price Includes

Home Structure / Finishes / Rough In / Appliances

Price Includes (Not Included)

Structural Shell
Exterior Finishes
Windows / Doors
Interior Finishes
Finish Flooring
Plumbing Rough In
Plumbing Fixtures
Electrical Rough In
Light Fixtures
Kitchen Appliances
Water Heater
Washer / Dryer
Heating System
Air Conditioning
Transport / Site / Permits

Price Includes (Not Included)

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