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Digz2go Digz 300 Prefab Home And ADU.

Digz2go / Digz 300

Digz2go Digz 300 Prefab Home

The Digz 300 prefab home/ADU is a single level, one bedroom, one bathroom home with galley kitchen, and separate laundry closet.

The front on the home features 7 double hung windows and 9 clerestory windows providing views and natural light. There are no windows on the sides or back of this model. The home is manufactured in the Bay Area of California and transported as a complete unit by truck. Once at the site, the home is placed by crane and connected to the utilities.

The price of the home includes all exterior and interior finishes (“turnkey”) and total cost estimates include all design, engineering, permitting, transportation, site grading, foundation, crane set, seismic foundation attachment and utilities connection.

Digz2go Digz 300 Features

  • Turnkey modern, open, light-filled tiny home or ADU
  • High quality modular construction at their own factory in Northern California
  • Efficient 12 – 14 week build lead times
  • West Coast Modern living spaces and styling
  • Light filled living spaces with many large windows, and celestial windows
  • Steel beamed modules
  • “Over-engineered” build practices like 16″ OC floor joists and extra thick 1 1/8″ plywood subflooring
  • Ipe Brazilian hardwood entry and decking
  • ADUs are available on wheels
  • Comprehensive service as architect, builder and contractor
  • Transparent, upfront pricing

Digz2go Digz 300 prefab home and ADU.
Digz 300 prefab home and ADU.

Digz2go digz 300 model ADU floorplan.
Digz 300 floorplan

Build Details

Foundation: Pier / Anchor
Roofing: Metal
Framing: wood
Shealthing: Plywood
Construction Notes:

Floor joists members are 2"x12" spaced 16" OC (code is 24") and sheathed with 1 1/8" plywood (code is 3/4") for stiffer floors.
Wall studs are 2"x6"


Ceiling: (R | Type)
Wall: (R | Type)
Ceiling: (R | Type)


Siding: Cedar Shingles
Entry Doors:
Sliding / Terrace Doors:
Walls: Gypsum drywall
Floors: Hardwood
Interior Finish Notes:

Flooring is nail-down hardwood flooring.

Digz2go Digz 300 Package Includes


Kitchen Hood:
Washer / Dryer:


Kitchen Cabinets:
Kitchen Sink:
Kitchen Faucet:


Bath Sink:
Bath Faucet:
Bath Tub:


Water Heater:
HVAC Heating:
HVAC Cooling:
Ventilation System:
Solar Panels:
Alt Energy System:
Green Home Features:

Green Home Features

Green Home Features:
Alt Energy System:
Solar Panels:

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